God’s Eternal Purpose

Hi, welcome in the name of the one and only Triune Godhead: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  This website amongst others we will be administering is dedicated to prayerfully explaining God’s Eternal Purpose as He has revealed it in the King James Bible from Genesis thru Revelations.

This, calling, if you will grew out of our experience of meeting together for the fellowship of the saints we discovered through John Nelson Darby’s (1800-1882) Plymouth Brethren Open Fellowship http://www.johndarby.org/beginning/index.html.  Feeling that this type of weekly meeting of the saints most accurately reflected what Paul started in his missions outlined the Acts of the Apostles; we feel led to place down in print the plan God laid out in Scripture of what He wanted from the beginning even before the foundations of the world.  We hope that as we let the Bible spell that out that more saints will take encouragement and become more steadfast in their daily walk and perhaps this will give a clearer picture of why God wants us to preach in season and out of season to the lost.